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Reducing Incontinence


Why Pelvic Pow-HER Is Perfect For Moms

After teaching Pilates & Fitness for over thirteen years, I was shocked when I was unable to heal my body after the birth of my twins, Mario & Eva. The workout, I knew and loved did not heal my diastasis recti {an abdominal separation} and pelvic floor...

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How To Test For Diastasis Recti + Best Exercises

For over eight months, I avoided touching my core after birthing my twins, Mario and Eva. When I was brave enough to do it, I noticed a 3 finger separation.  I had a diastasis recti, a natural separation that occurs during pregnancy and especially with...

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The 5 Steps To Reduce Bladder Leaking

What if you could reduce leaking? How would your life change? Postpartum leaking can cause much embarrassment and frustration in a busy momma. And although you may have leaking, I"m here to tell you it's O.K. And it could change. ⇒What you want to learn is which...

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6 Signs Of Incontinence And How To Fix It

What if you never had to worry about accidentally leaking? AND...you never had to wear a pantyliner again? Incontinence is a devastating occurrence happening to women all over the world.  Often, you deal with it silently, suffering alone not knowing there is something...

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