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Healing Diastasis Recti


How To Test For Diastasis Recti + Best Exercises

For over eight months, I avoided touching my core after birthing my twins, Mario and Eva. When I was brave enough to do it, I noticed a 3 finger separation.  I had a diastasis recti, a natural separation that occurs during pregnancy and especially with...

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6 Ways To Fix Diastasis Recti

I pulled up my shirt and peeked in the mirror. Twelve months after birthing twins, I still looked three months pregnant. My six-week postpartum visit with the doctor had not been reassuring. I came in worried about the pressure in my pelvic floor and...

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Hi, I’m Tara. Momma of twins, women’s herbal educator, and postpartum specialist. I love helping women feel like themselves again with corrective exercises and natural remedies – regardless of your age!
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