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Welcome To The Present Momma

Hi, I’m Tara

I love working with women who crave to use alternative medicine.  Women who want to be listened to, not just another number in the doctor’s office. 

I’ve been working in the fitness and wellness field for over seventeen years and after having my twins in 2013, I began to focus my career towards women’s health. I’ve combined my two loves: exercise and natural remedies for women’s health.  Specifically, women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor and reduce incontinence.  

The best praise I ever received from a client for my pelvic floor work was: Working with Tara is well worth that hard-fought hour I’ve bent over backward to make for myself. I am not a ‘fitness class’ type person but Tara’s demeanor and impressive knowledge of her craft steadily convinced me that her class is the best use of very scarce time.  I honestly rank it right up there with coffee in my toolkit of things that help me to be a sane mother. You know all that stuff with our bodies that we silently ‘just deal with’ after having kids…as if that’s just the way it is going to be from now on? I’m not talking about aesthetics, I mean the real functional problems that you try not to let bother you but they do. Tara’s classes have shown me that, even with very minimal time, even after giving birth naturally to three kids including twins, it is possible to restore yourself.” -Jen Zwarich

Helping women to heal their core and pelvic floor, like that, makes me so proud and drives everything that I do. 

And for natural remedies: “I noticed the herbal remedies and techniques, not only made me feel better but reduced my symptoms faster than when I used over the counter medications. As a bonus, my sinus tincture from Tara helps with pain throughout my body.” – Norma Borrero-Large

ooooh, I love when natural remedies work on all systems of the body!

Years in the fitness & wellness community

Years studying botanicals for women

When I’m not with clients or picking legos off the floor.

I can be found curled up in bed with a good book-I especially like self-improvement books or steamy novels that keep me hooked at the end of each chapter.

I also love hiking, biking, and exploring the Hudson Valley with my family. 

If you’re dying to know more, here are 10 things most people don’t know about me…

  1. Before I reconnected with my husband, I rode my bike from Bear Mountain (NY)  to Boston, MA in the NY Aids Ride.
  2. I first met my husband when we were children, through family members. 
  3. I now live in said Hudson Valley area.
  4. I’ve worked with 1,000’s of students, teaching them the STOTT PILATES method.
  5. I opened my first Pilates studio in Garrison, NY in 2008. 
  6. I expanded my business {Pilates studio in Cold Spring, NY} and had twins in the same year!
  7. My twins have taught me how to find the epitome of patience. 
  8. I’ve helped many women close the gap of diastasis recti and stop leaking.
  9. I move every day with either, Pilates, Yoga, Strength training, and attempting to run. 
  10. I am living proof, natural remedies can help you overcome anxiety, insomnia, and depression! Never give up. 
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