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Reducing Incontinence


10 Natural Remedies To Reduce Constipation

Have you ever wondered how constipation affects your pelvic floor? Check out this image on the right.  The more pressure you have pushing downward increases the pressure on the muscles below which are your pelvic floor! Furthermore, if you've had surgery, like a...

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5 Questions Answered About Your Pelvic Floor

Imagine never leaking again when you cough, laugh, sneeze, or jump? You see, over four years ago I was at my best friends wedding.  My twins were only a year old and it was the first time I was out enjoying myself.  After no sleep the night before, I was drinking and...

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Why Pelvic Pow-HER Is Perfect For Moms

After teaching Pilates & Fitness for over thirteen years, I was shocked when I was unable to heal my body after the birth of my twins, Mario & Eva. The workout, I knew and loved did not heal my diastasis recti {an abdominal separation} and pelvic floor...

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How To Test For Diastasis Recti + Best Exercises

For over eight months, I avoided touching my core after birthing my twins, Mario and Eva. When I was brave enough to do it, I noticed a 3 finger separation.  I had a diastasis recti, a natural separation that occurs during pregnancy and especially with twins. If you...

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