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Tara Gregorio

Herbalist | Postpartum Specialist

Helping you feel like yourself again

Hi, I’m Tara. Momma of twins, women’s herbal educator, and postpartum specialist. I love helping women feel like themselves again with corrective exercises and natural remedies – regardless of your age!

My Story

When I was pregnant with my twins, I thought I had a handle on how to stay in shape and hold onto my pre-baby body. After all, I had nearly twenty years of experience as a personal trainer and had spent thousands of hours teaching clients and other instructors how to get strong through pilates and yoga. When I envisioned myself as a mom, I saw me dancing with my kiddos or biking and hiking with babies in tow. I imagined their first runs down the ski slope; their first tastes of the wild herbs, fruits, and vegetables that I grow in our garden.

I was not prepared for the reality of postpartum depression or how disorienting it would be to have my core literally split in two through diastasis recti or just how long it would take for me to feel like myself again, period. But I’m a problem solver by nature. When my doctor couldn’t give me any good answers, I did my own research. I was already a trained community herbalist and practiced at making my own tinctures and teas — it’s been eleven years since I’ve needed to take a conventional medication! So I began to experiment and discovered which herbal blends best support a woman’s postpartum body, and how to heal from pregnancy and childbirth, inside and out. I studied with Dr. Aviva Romm to become a certified women’s herbal educator and designed my own custom Pelvic Pow-HER program, which guides women through the process of rehabilitating their pelvic floor, healing diastasis recti and rebuilding a strong, functional core.

My Values & Beliefs

I believe women can heal at any age. I believe your body is capable of healing itself.

Natural Remedies

Diet, herbs, homeopathy, and tinctures can help your body restore itself; naturally.

Corrective Exercises

Did you know your pelvic floor muscles can be tight or weak? Did you know their strength determines your low back and hip pain. Think about it.


A “time” after you have a child. It can be 6-weeks, 5 years or a lifetime later.

My Approach

A one on one health consultation is an opportunity for you to explain your story.  You tell me what’s going on and all of your symptoms.  Nothing is too small to mention.  For example, if you feel cold all the time or you break out on your arms after eating gluten – all of these symptoms lead to a remedy.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Find Your Solution Today!

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